2018 Barkfest Prize Incentives

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Each time you reach a fundraising level, we will say thank you with an incentive prize. We know you aren’t participating for the prizes, but they don’t hurt, right?


Raise Earn   Helps Provide
$35 Event T-shirt and dog bandana $35 can buy food to help 7 puppies and kitties that need extra nourishment to grow.
$75  collapsible bowls Collapsible Pet Bowl plus above prizes plus above prizes $75 covers the cost of sheltering and healthy meals for two lost dogs for one night
$150 Stainless steel tumbler  plus above prizes $150 covers the purchase of 30 Kong toys to provide mental stimulation for dogs during their shelter stay
$300  stadium blanket 2 Drawstring Bag & Fleece Blanket plus above prizes $300 covers the cost of purchasing microchips for 30 cats and dogs
$500 Lunch Cooler Messenger Bag plus above prizes $500 cover the cost of lifesaving vaccinations for 25 homeless and lost cats and dogs
$1000 Gift Card of $100 plus above prizes $1,000 covers the cost of 17 spay/neuter surgeries for cats of low-income families
$2500 Gift Card of $250 plus above prizes $2,500 helps to provide needed, pain relieving dental surgeries for 56 homeless animals