Hannah’s Story

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Hannah intake



My name is Hannah and you might not have been able to tell from this before shot but, I am an 8-year old Shih Tzu mix.

I came to the AVHS shelter in desperate need of medical treatment. I arrived with hair matted over my face and nose. My nails were long, curled and ingrown into my pads. My ears were smelly with an infection.





The vet and medical staff went to work and treated me for my eyes, skin and scheduled my dental work. I had numerous dental teeth extractions (10) before they polished my teeth. They cleaned my hair from my eyes before they gave me a spa treatment, bath, nails trimmed and grooming.

Hannah with eyes cut out





Being an older gal, I needed a haircut and a bath.





Soon, I was healthy enough to go up for adoption.  I was looking for a new family as I was very loving and needed affection.

Nine days later, I was adopted by that loving family I so deeply craved.  I was so easy-going that the transition to my new family has been going well.

Hannah with dogs in family

I get along great with my new brother and sister in the family.






My new mom, calls me, Little Miss Hannah Banana, as I am a very special dog.

Although you can tell from the neglected way I came into the shelter, I now have been given the gift of a second chance with a family that gives me all the love and attention that I deserve.  Don’t you love my new pink jacket!? Hannah with sweater







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