Jordan’s story

JordanJordan 1

I am a one year old male Chihuahua mix that was very scared, shy and spent too long in a California shelter in November, 2017.

When I first arrived at AVHS in February, 2018, it was apparent that I needed some space. I hit under the bed.

People had to move slow until I got to know them.  I learned commands like down, sit, turn around for a treat. I was looking for a family that could take me on walks, long car rides, and let me snuggle up with them on the couch.



My family came and adopted me not long after that. I was adopted four days later and given a second chance in life!

New family

My new family!



Jordan is now Joey. His new adopted owner says, “Joey is the happiest boy and gets along great with our other two dogs. We’ve been going on trips to the pet store and the dog park and he seems to love it.”







New buddy!


“We start dog obedience class. I expect that he’ll be a star! He already knows “sit” and he’s learning “stay.”  I can not believe how lucky we got with this little guy – he’s awesome!”






Jordan came from a shelter in California where he was slated to be euthanized for time. Instead, he was rescued and given a second chance for adoption through Auburn Valley Humane Society.  Please donate so that we can save more dogs and cats and allow them to have a second chance.

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