Newsletter Lady’s story

Lady eating in the dump!

Lady is a three-year old female mixed breed from Texas.

She was rescued from a condemned building and junkyard with her 3 pups. 


They were very scared, timid and spent way too much time homeless on the streets.  When Lady first arrived at AVHS in late May, it was apparent that her pups needed to be adopted.




Lady learned commands like down, sit, turn around for a treat. Lady wanted a family that could take her on walks, long car rides, and let her chill out on the sofa with them. Lady’s family adopted her not long after that.  Lady was adopted 10 days later and was given a second chance in life!

Lady clean for adoption!



Lady was adopted by two mommies and a paw-brother, Rocky.  Lady is learning new commands and they think she is adorable. Lady picked her new family  when she put her paw out the kennel door to reach out to them.




Stella with Hamlet

Stella growing!

Stella, one of Lady’s pups, lives with a pot belied pig, Hamlet in Idaho.

She has the run of the acres having to chase the deer, moose and pig for playmates.

She was rescued from the Texas dump and has a wonderful home too.




With help of Three Little Pitties Rescue, AVHS was able to save 4 lives!

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Our goal is to save hundreds of homeless and abandoned animals in 2018 and 2019. We are depending on supporters like you to help us fund our work. Lady and her pups were given a second chance. To help animals like Lady and Stella, support our Newsletter Fund Drive.

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