Roxy’s Story – Summer Heat

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Every year, countless dogs die from being overheated in the summer.  Many are left inside cars on what seems like moderately hot days. The trouble is, on a hot day (60 degrees in the Northwest), a car can reach deadly temperatures in just minutes. A quick stop at the grocery store or post office can quickly turn into a tragedy for your pet.

While the outside temperature can be in the 60’s or 70’s inside a car can reach 120 degrees within minutes. That creates a serious danger.

Roxy almost lost her life in a RV. The family stopped at the casino and got delayed. They left the dog in the RV. Days went by and no one knew the dog was in the RV. When the police arrived, they were met by Roxy…hungry, dehydrated, and famished. Thankfully, Roxy lived.

Cats and dogs are especially vulnerable because they only cool off through the pads on their paws and by panting. In extreme heat, they can experience liver, nerve or brain damage, heart problems, or even death. Animals can’t tell us what pain they are in. In fact, they downright try to hide it. To keep your pets safe this summer, never leave your pets in a parked car, limit exercise on hot days, provide ample shade and give then water at all times!

Homeless cats and dogs still need your help this summer!

Everyday, more and more kittens, cats, puppies and dogs come through our doors in desperate need of help. We need your support to provide them with:

  • Food and shelter
  • Medical and dental care, vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter surgeries
  • Adoptions into furrever homes

Your support will save lives, so please donate today.

There’s still time to help cats and dogs in the Summer Heat!

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