Tucker’s Story

Tucker was a very sweet dog and easy to love.

The reality is that Tucker was not loved by her previous owners.  She came to Auburn Valley Humane Society frightened, confused, very thin and underweight.  Tucker was found by an animal control officer tied on a short rope to a car without food and water.  Tucker was only four years old and already had several broken teeth.  There is a lot of history in her tender brown eyes that we will never know.

After intensive medical care at AVHS, she was ready for her new forever home.  Our adoption staff guided one adopter after another toward Tucker, pointing out her gentle nature and kind heart.  Night after night, she slept in the shelter.  Many people came in to adopt a dog, but Tucker was not one of them.

Auburn Valley Humane Society does not give up on dogs like Tucker. One day, someone was going to fall in love with her.  We just knew it.

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Then, on a sunny Friday afternoon, the family Tucker had been waiting for came into the shelter.  Tucker, immediately, rolled over for a belly rub and that sealed the deal.

Tucker’s new family was very excited and could not wait until they moved into their new home to pick her up.  Luckily for Tucker, they took her that afternoon.  Her new family was so happy they could give her a loving home. She is back to being a playful dog in her new home. We get regular updates from them about Tucker and her new adventures as a member of their family. Tucker loves them and is deeply loved in return.

With your support, we provide personalized care that animals like Tucker need when others have failed them.  With your gift, we can help more abandoned and abused animals who are in our care.

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