In February of 2010 the City of Auburn’s Mayor, a City of Auburn Councilman, a community veterinarian and a concerned citizen met to discuss the future of animal care in the City of Auburn. For over thirty years, the City of Auburn had contracted the sheltering of its homeless animals with the services of the regional program provided by King County Animal Control (KCAC). In 2010, budget shortfalls forced KCAC to change their service model and shift administrative costs to the participating member cities. The change produced unsustainable costs but more importantly exposed reduced services that were below acceptable standards.

The initial conversation that occurred in 2010 bore the result of what is known today as the Auburn Valley Humane Society (AVHS)! The group grew over the years in 2011-2012.  The AVHS Board is now comprised of Auburn veterinarians, area business owners and citizens. The primary goal was to establish an independent local animal shelter aimed at caring for Auburn Valley’s lost, stray and abandoned pet population. With guidance and support from the City of Auburn and the out-pouring of support from the community, AVHS is now a reality and opened its doors to the shelter in early 2013!

Auburn Valley Humane Society is much more than just “the pound”. It’s a community education center where pets and people can come together. Additionally, AVHS has created sustainable employment, offers countless volunteer opportunities and offers valuable educational experiences for those considering a career working with animals.

AVHS will primarily support the Auburn community but that doesn’t mean we will turn a cold shoulder to our neighboring colleagues. We are all in this together, caring for pets in need. It is AVHS’s goal to continue to foster a network of regional communication and collaboration among neighboring shelters, rescue groups and foster homes. We will all work together in the best interest of the pet.