Auburn Valley Humane Society is governed by a Board of Volunteer Board Members who graciously give of their time and resources.

2019 Officers and Board Members of the Auburn Valley Humane Society

Board Officers

  • Rick Oliveria – Board Chair

  • Alexis Singletary, JD – Vice Chair

  • Marsha Goodwin - Secretary

  • Robin Hutchison - Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Don Edwards

  • Jan Speer

  • David Jones

  • Michelle LaBorde

  • Carol Rogers

  • Miles Haney

  • Bob Briggs

  • TBD (City of Auburn Representative)


If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please review the AVHS Board of Director’s Membership Packet. This Packet includes:

  • AVHS Mission, History and Accomplishments

  • AVHS Board of Director-Candidate Application Process

  • AVHS Board of Director Application*

  • AVHS Board of Directors’ Policies and Procedures

  • AVHS Board of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

  • AVHS Board of Director Code of Ethics Policy

  • AVHS  Animal Welfare Positions

  • AVHS Gift Acceptance Policy

  • AVHS Privacy Policy

  • AVHS Discrimination Policy

  • AVHS Articles of Incorporation

  • AVHS Bylaws

  • 501c3 Determination Letter

  • AVHS Officers and Directors Liability Policy

  • AVHS Board of Directors Roster

AVHS Board of Directors

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Auburn Valley Humane Society Thrift Store & More Staff

  • Laurie Nygren – Thrift Store Assistant IV

  • Amy Dobyns – Thrift Store Assistant III

  • Belinda Thompson  – Thrift Store Assistant II

  • Candi Kesler  – Thrift Store Assistant I

  • Dani Blyleven- Director of Retail Services/Thrift Store Manager

Auburn Valley Humane Society Staff 

  • Alex Gee – Animal Care Assistant I

  • Mindy Ahlberg – Animal Care Assistant II

  • Rosie Ireland – Animal Care Assistant III

  • Sandi Graham – Animal Care Assistant IV

  • Grant Wyena – Animal Care Assistant V

  • Angela Russell – Veterinary Assistant

  • Kristina Adams – Licensed Veterinary Technician

  • Jackie Beatty – Animal Welfare Coordinator

  • Keely Lanaghan – Special Programs Coordinator

  • Heather Veenker  – Development Assistant

  • Ally Nauer – Development Assistant

  • Farrah Knapp-Dunbar – Front Desk Assistant

  • Judy Grogan – Front Desk /Adoptions Coordinator

  • Reina Grimes – Licensing Processor

  • Cara Anderson – Licensing Coordinator

  • Julia Sauer – Director of Public Services

  • Sharon LaVigne – Director of Development & Community Engagement

  • Emily D. Purvis – Medical Director, DVM

  • Phil Morgan – President/CEO

If you are interested in employment at the Auburn Valley Humane Society, please visit our Employment Opportunities page.