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I was older!

The Auburn Valley Humane Society’s Lonely Hearts Pet Adoption Sponsorship provides the opportunity to sponsor a pet that may be hard to adopt, or a pet that may have been a long term pet at the shelter or a senior pet for adoption … giving them a second chance.

Sometimes we have a senior cat or senior dog that is older than seven years. Through no fault of their own, many pets are overlooked for one reason or another. The Lonely Hearts Pet Adoption Program provides an incentive to give the lonely hearts a home!

If desired, an individual or organization may sponsor one, three, five or ten dogs or cats for the various fees. You could choose to sponsor one dog or one cat:

  • One senior dog is $75, while a senior cat is $25.

  • One large breed dog adoption is $175 and one adult cat adoption is $95.

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I was golder!

Your benefits include:

  • Your business name or individual name will be recognized on our website.

  •  A take-home adopters acknowledgement will feature your business or organization name.

Click on the button below to complete our fillable form. Print the form.  Bring or mail the form to the shelter.

*The Lonely Hearts Pet Adoption Sponsorship form is an interactive PDF document. You will need the FREE Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to take advantage of the option to complete the form and then print it. 

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Our Heartfelt Thanks!

The shelter would like to thank the caring people and animal lovers who have so kindly sponsored our pets.  Your love for animals and your donation is greatly appreciated! It’s people like YOU who help to keep our shelter going by sharing a few dollars to help care for lonely homeless and abandoned animals.