If you have lost an animal, please try not to worry.  Relax and follow these steps:

  • As soon as you can, come down when the shelter is open and tell us you lost an animal.

  • Bring a photo if you have one.

  • We will take you to every possible room with animals.

  • Pictures can sometimes be deceiving, so looking around personally is best.

  • Call your veterinarian and/or the microchip company right away to make sure the microchip’s contact information is up-to-date.

Search Our Animals

Search our Lost animals for animals that have been lost and brought in through the Animal Control Officer or the public has dropped-off within the city limits of Auburn.  If lost animals are brought in from other areas, we refer them to the services of another organization that has jurisdiction for that area.

No one knows your animals as well as you, and you may describe your animal differently than animal care staff members. If your animal is not here on your first attempt, don’t give up! Someone may have your animal at their home while trying to find you, only to bring it here days, weeks, even months later.

Other ways to find your animal:

Post signs in your neighborhood, at local veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, and place an ad in your local newspaper. Go door to door in your neighborhood and talk to service personnel (mail, trash, water meter readers). Visit the shelter at least every other day! Visit our website at www.auburnvalleyhs.org under the Lost Pets tab.  Post your photo to www.petrunaway.com or http://lostfoundpetswastate.com/.  Post an ad to Craigslist.

Sadly, Animal Control may have found your animal dead on a roadway or in your neighborhood. Please check with the shelter for animals that have been picked up or turned in.


to help you find your pet

To improve the probability that the animal is reunited, call or take the animal to the jurisdiction agency or animal welfare agency that is responsible for handling lost animals in the area where the pet was lost. Click here to see a list of other lost and found pet agencies.

If animal is found or lost within the City limits of Auburn

  • Call Auburn Animal Control, Auburn at (253) 288-2121 for animal pickup within City Limits of Auburn or for after-hours service

  • Call Auburn Valley Humane Society, Auburn at (253) 249-7849 to inquire if your lost animal is at the shelter or bring in a found animal during business hours