Auburn Valley Humane Society can only take animals found in the city limits of Auburn. If you found a pet, outside of Auburn, please click here.

The animal you found may have a Microchip! Microchips cannot be seen or felt. Take the animal to a veterinary hospital or shelter to get it scanned. Too many times we find people holding onto animals that may have a microchip and an owner!  At AVHS, we have been able to reunite 54% of lost dogs with their owners.

To improve the probability that the animal is reunited, call or take the animal to the jurisidiction agency or animal welfare agency that is responsible for handling lost animals in the area where the pet was lost. Click here to see a list of other pet agencies.

If animal is found or lost within the City limits of Auburn

  • Call Auburn Animal Control, Auburn at (253) 288-2121 for animal pickup within City limits of Auburn or for after-hours service

  • Call Auburn Valley Humane Society, Auburn at (253) 249-7849 to inquire if your lost animal is at the shelter or bring in a found animal during business hours