Public Veterinary Assistance Fund

Frequently Asked Questions


Who qualifies?

Low-income residents living within Auburn City Limits can qualify for assistance. Your household is only eligible for assistance once per lifetime. At this time, funding is only available for the veterinary care of dogs and cats.

What services are covered?

Non-routine medical care performed and invoiced by an AVHS VetPartners veterinarian within the past week, or direct veterinary payment for future services. This fund does not cover routine office visits, vaccines, routine diagnostics, or routine spay/neuter surgery services.

How much assistance can I apply for?

The Public Veterinary Medical Assistance Fund can provide up to $500 of funding assistance.

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

It is the goal of AVHS to respond to each application within 5 business days from the receipt of completed application and supporting documentation.

How will I receive funding if my application is approved?

Funding is available for services provided by a VetPartner within the previous 7 days, or for services quoted by a partner vet. If receiving funds for services provided you must provide a receipt for the procedure or procedures, and a reimbursement check will be issued to the applicant. If applying for assistance with future vet bills please provide a written quote for the procedure or procedures. Funds will be issued directly to the partner veterinarian. Treatment must begin within 14 days of application approval.

Does my pet need to be spayed or neutered, and licensed?

Preference will be given to animals that are spayed or neutered, and in compliance with the City of Auburn’s licensing laws. If you are interested in applying for low cost spay/neuter services please see our SPOT program.  See the page on licensing information.

What veterinarian can I use?

Please see out list of AVHS VetPartner veterinarians, click HERE.  

How will I be notified about my application status?

You will receive email notice on the outcome of your completed application within 5 business days. If you prefer to receive a phone call please indicate on your application.

 Who can I contact with additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the program please contact the Special Programs Coordinator at 253-249-7849 or