Kobe’s Story -

I was adopted in June


It all started when…

Oh hi! Sorry about all of that slobber. Every face I see is a face I just have to kiss! My name is Kobe and I arrived here in May. A sweet, kind woman found me as a stray in Auburn and brought me to Auburn Valley Humane Society where my favorite animal care technicians, volunteer dog walkers, veterinary staff, and foster family have helped me get big and strong.

 Life before this was really scary. Now I feel safe and happy knowing my friends and family here at AVHS will always go above and beyond for me. You might think life in a shelter would be a terrible thing, but it’s great at AVHS. I have a really big kennel and a nice big bed to sleep on as long as I want to. To help me gain a few pounds they feed me lots of small meals. In just 30 days I have gained 20 lbs! The rest of the dogs are fed like clockwork; twice every single day by one of the awesome animal care technicians. It’s like the Hilton here! They clean our kennels every day and change our bedding too. We get to go on walks three times a day by the river. All of the volunteers here are so cool! It’s like making new best friends every single day. I even got to sleep on a massive bed at my foster mom’s house. Have you seen the size of those human mattresses?! Man, I hope I have one of those in my forever home.

I have been here for about a month now, and while I feel so strong and happy, I can’t believe I made it here. You know all of those slobbery kisses and energy you see from me? I can’t contain my happiness sometimes because I am so thankful to know the life I have now. I honestly did not think I would experience this life. Each and every person I see deserves a thank you! I don’t know how these humans do it, but I see all of the people they have supporting them and I sure am thankful.

I was adopted in June and went to a great family. They came back to AVHS to adopt my furr brother, Kaluna. Now we both take long walks, romp in the park and roll in the dirt in the backyard together. They bring us back to AVHS to show us off. I get to slobber all over the my favorite animal care technicians, staff, and volunteers!


We can only guess what Kobe’s life looked like before he came to us here at AVHS. We just knew he deserved the best care we had to give. Kobe is rehabilitating successfully and is ready for a forever home to show him just how good life can be. He is just one of many animals we see throughout the year who need our help to reach healthy, happy, forever homes. Help Kobe and dogs and cats like him by donating toward AVHS. We can’t do this without your help!