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The purpose of the Pets Without Me Program:

1.       To provide pet owners with peace of mind that if something happens to them, their pets will be cared for and loved.

2.       To facilitate care and provide a new forever home for pets whose owners were living in the City of Auburn, Washington at the time of their passing.

If you need temporary emergency pet care assistance, please see the AVHS Pets in Crisis Program.

Pets Without Me provides rehoming assistance for dogs and cats living in the City of Auburn, Washington whose owners are no longer able to care for them due to death or disability. Up to 4 animals per household may be enrolled in Pets Without Me. Animals enrolled in the program will enter AVHS care through a Will or trust, power of attorney, or first responders.

There is no enrollment fee for the Pets Without Me program, however we ask that you consider leaving AVHS a bequest in your Will to provide funding for the care of your pets and others like them. For more information on leaving a bequest to the Auburn Valley Humane Society, please visit this link.

For additional information about the Pets Without Me Program, please contact Keely at 253-249-7849 or klanaghan@auburnvalleyhs.org.

To enroll in Pets Without Me, please complete and return this request to AVHS. Additionally, all applicants must present in person, mail, or email an animal profile for each animal they wish to enroll. In Auburn Valley Humane Society’s ongoing effort to find the best possible homes for its animals, we ask that you take the time to fill out the appropriate pet specific questionnaires before the process can be completed. Once these documents are received AVHS will send you an enrollment packet.

Your enrollment packet will include: magnet, sticker, and wallet card.

If you do not receive an enrollment packet from AVHS within two weeks, please contact Keely at 253-249-7849 to confirm that your request and animal profiles are on file.