Pet Therapy


Pet Therapy Program…

Auburn Valley Humane Society believes in the importance of the human-animal bond. Visiting with animals helps people feel less lonely, depressed or anxious while relieving stress and encouraging a general feeling of well-being.

Through our Pet Therapy Program, we share the love of a pet with those who need it most. Our teams bring their pets to assisted living facilities to visit with those who need an extra boost of companionship that a pet can provide. Pet visitation is a wonderful way of promoting and maintaining wellness in our community.

Our pet visitation volunteers witness the emotional and psychological benefits of this therapy with each visit. Studies show that contact with an animal lowers blood pressure, decreases cholesterol levels, reduces anxiety, boosts the immune system, decreases aggression and increases socialization and communication.

Due to the number of teams, availability is limited. If you are interested in being a Pet Therapy team please contact